I already told you about halal food in Japan on these two previous blog posts. Now, we can say we […]
In a previous blog post, I introduced you halal foods in Japan. This concept is only developing from five to […]
Many people come to Japan, to Osaka to taste Japanese and Osakan food: sushi, ramen, konamon (okonomiyaki, takoyaki), etc. Visitors […]
We continue our walk near Nara Park after Kofukuji Temple and the Prefectural Government Office. We now go to Todaiji […]
There is a good one unknown tourism spot in Nara City… It is the Prefectural Government Office rooftop! For me, […]
To continue to speak about Nara Park, we can pass through the buddhist temple Kofukuji. Part of the UNESCO World […]
We continue to speak about deer and in this post, we present you Nara Park. Firstable, you can access the […]
Oh ! To be hungry is not a reason to eat so whatever! Well, for deer, paper is just like […]
How to interact with Nara deer?We continue to speak about them. We already told you about shika senbei, one of […]
To start to present you Nara, we should firstable speak about its deer, shika. You cannot miss them when you […]